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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Theo van Gogh 2.11.2004

Ayaan Hirsi Ali:
"The Netherlands is commemorating the killing of filmmaker Theo van Gogh by a Muslim extremist one year ago today. Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende will speak at a memorial service in Amsterdam. He is expected to touch upon the tensions which have arisen between indigenous Dutch people and non-Western immigrants.
Theo van Gogh, an outspoken critic of Islam and other religions, was one of the country's leading polemicists.
The perpetrator, Mohammed Bouyeri, said he killed Mr Van Gogh because he insulted the Muslim faith. The killer was sentenced to life in prison. The killing led to an increase in security measures and a crackdown on Islamic extremists."

Kommentti: Theon murhaan päättyi Euroopan viattomuuden aika.

Amerikkalainen The Nation kertoo Ayaan Hirsi Aliin elämäntarinan yksityiskohtaisesti. 27.6.05 kuinka Ayaanista tuli johtava musliminaisten vapaustaistelija


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