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Monday, October 24, 2005

Pohjoismaiden malli

International Herald Tribune kirjoittaa 23.10.05 eurooppalaisista talousmalleista.

IHT: " Nordic model
This combines elements of the other two: strong social protection but also a willingness to integrate fully in the global economy, including flexible labor markets. It is marked by a strong sense of cooperation between workers and employers, and it emphasizes investment in research and development by outward-looking businesses. Taxes are high but generally accepted in return for good public services, including education, child care and retraining.
With productivity high, Finland, Sweden and Norway are among the most competitive countries in the world and their economies among the fastest-growing in Europe."

Kommentti: Kiva, kun Suomella menee välillä hyvin. Silti köyhistä ja sairaista on pidettävä huolta.


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