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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Pelon markkinat

Frank Furedi kirjoittaa aiheesta 26.9.05
Frank: "One reason why we fear so much is because life is dominated by competing groups of fear entrepreneurs who promote their cause, stake their claims, or sell their products through fear. Politicians, the media, businesses, environmental organisations, public health officials and advocacy groups are continually warning us about something new to fear."
Frank: "The legal system has also internalised this trend. In the USA, there is a discernible tendency on the part of courts to compensate fear, even in the absence of a perceptible physical threat."
"Appeals to personal security constitute the point of departure for the marketing strategy of the insurance, personal security and health industries. Fear is used by the IT industry and its army of consultants to sell goods and services.
Frank: "Machiavelli's advice to rulers that they will find 'greater security in being feared than in being loved' has been heeded by successive generations of authoritarian governments. Fear can be employed to coerce and terrorise and to maintain public order.
Frank Furedi on Kentin yliopiston sosiologian professori.
Via Arts & Letters Daily

Kommentti: Pelko ydinaseiden joutumisesta terroristien käsiin on mandaatti (toimeksiantosopimus), jonka vuoksi amerikkalaisten on sallittu jahdata islamilaisia terroristeja arabimaissa.


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