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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Köyhyys USA:ssa

Nicholas D. Kristhof New York Times:ssa kirjoittaa 6.9.05 USA:n köyhistä.
  • Washingtonissa on vastasyntyneiden kuolleisuus suurempi kuin Pekingissä. Washingtonin kuolleisuus on 11.5 lasta/1000 elävänä syntynyttä. Pekingin vastaava luku on 4.6 (Kommentti: Kai Pekingin tilastoihin voi luottaa).
  • 29 %:lla USA:n lapsista ei ole sairausvakuutusta. Tämän seurauksena on puutteita lasten rokotuksissa, kuten tukarokko- ja poliorokotuksissa.
New York Times: "One of the most dispiriting elements of the catastrophe in New Orleans was the looting. I covered the 1995 earthquake that leveled much of Kobe, Japan, killing 5,500, and for days I searched there for any sign of criminal behavior. Finally I found a resident who had seen three men steal food. I asked him whether he was embarrassed that Japanese would engage in such thuggery."No, you misunderstand," he said firmly. "These looters weren't Japanese. They were foreigners."

"None of this is to suggest that there are easy solutions for American poverty. As Ronald Reagan once said, "We fought a war on poverty, and poverty won."
Johtopäätös: Artikkelissa viehättää amerikkalainen avoimuus, jolla käydään ikävien asioidenkin kimppuun.


Blogger Mikko Sandt said...

29 %:lla USA:n lapsista ei ole sairausvakuutusta.

Tämä on harhaanjohtava väite sillä tähän lukuun ei sisälly Medicaid-ohjelman kattavia lapsia (tai armeijalta vakuutuksensa saavia perheitä). Todellinen luku on jotain 12%.

"In contrast to what happened to coverage for adults, however, the loss of children�s private insurance coverage was entirely offset by increases in enrollment in Medicaid and SCHIP. The percentage of children insured through one of these programs increased from 22.7 percent in 2001 to 23.9 percent in 2002. As a result, there was a very small reduction in the percentage of children who are uninsured � from 11.7 percent in 2001 and 11.6 percent in 2002 � although this change was not statistically significant."

10:41 PM  
Blogger P.Nykanen said...

Kiitos kommentista. Luin NYTimesin tekstin uudelleen:"So in some ways the poor children evacuated from New Orleans are the lucky ones because they may now get checkups and vaccinations. Nationally, 29 percent of children had no health insurance at some point in the last 12 months, and many get neither checkups nor vaccinations. On immunizations, the U.S. ranks 84th for measles and 89th for polio."
Ehkä lehti tarkoittaa, että 29 %:lla New Orleansin lapsista ei ole sairausvakuutusta. Luku 29 % tuntuu todella isolta, jos se koskee koko mata.

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