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Monday, August 08, 2005

V. S. Naipaul

NYTimes haastattelee nobelkirjailija, Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaulia 7.8.05 erityisesti islamilaisuudesta.
Otteita lehtijutusta:
NYTimes: "The novel's time was over, he had said. Others had made the claim before, but it resonated more deeply coming from a contemporary giant. What is more, Naipaul said, only nonfiction could capture the complexities of today's world."

"The bigger issue, he said, is that Western Europe, while built on tolerance, today lacks ''a strong cultural life,'' making it vulnerable to Islamicization."

"Naipaul's nonfiction has the force, the almost unbearable density of detail and the moral vision of great fiction. It comes as no surprise that Dickens and Tolstoy are his heroes"

"The world has grown bigger. Which brings us back to the limitations of the novel. The writer must leave the sitting room and travel abroad into the active, busy world. It is the tragic vision only a novelist can reach: that the world cannot be contained in the novel."

"Naipaul is not invested in the notion that Western civilization is in decline. ''That's a romantic idea,'' he said brusquely. ''A civilization which has taken over the world cannot be said to be dying."

"even with its billion people, ''there are no thinkers in India'' today"


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