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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Terveydenhuollon kustannukset

Innostuin osallistumaan Arnold Klingin ja Bryan Caplanin sivulla käynnissä olevaan terveydenhuollon keskusteluun.
Kommenttini oli tällainen:

Pekka Nykänen writes:
When we talk about the costs of medical treatment we should compare that to zero treatment.
Imagine that all medical treatment is stopped to the people. Life expectancy and the productivity of industry would be decreased. In fact the result would be the scenario of Middle Ages. It can be concluded that certain amount of money which is invested to health care is highly productive.
Problem is that we do not know where is the border of productivity. The rich OECD countries invest a lot of money to health care. I suggest that part of the economic success in these countries depends on good quality health care. The labourers are able to concentrate on working and know that they get help if they become ill.
I can not understand that caring of people is a risk to their welfare. Possibly it a risk to shareholders which perhaps have better application to the money. It is funny that at the same time when the hospitals struggle with the money problems, stock market tries find new toys to the people.
Pekka Nykänen MD


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