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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Josef Ratzinger

New York Times kirjoittaa 7.4.2005 kardinaali Ratzingerin mahdollisuuksista tulla valituksi seuraavaksi paaviksi.
Ratzinger on tunnettu vapautusteologian (liberation theology) vastustajana.
Ratzingerista on kirjoitettu seuraava fiktiivinen anekdootti:
"A joke heard over the years has two theologians who had been called on the carpet, plus Cardinal Ratzinger, arriving at the gates of St. Peter. St. Peter summons one of the theologians for a long grilling. He emerges exhausted but repentant and says, "How can I have been so wrong?" The same goes for the other theologian. Then Cardinal Ratzinger enters and after an even longer time, St. Peter comes out and says, "How can I have been so wrong?"
Via Dialog International


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